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  • Cards are A6 when folded, A5 when unfolded. If you want a bigger or smaller size please disclose it.
  • Cards are printed on an inkjet printer on high quality 200gsm paper.
  • Cards include simple cover and back unless agreed.
  • You’ll be sent sketches, mockups and videos so you can see the whole process.
  • The following prices are only orientative, price may increase due to complexity.
  • Price is for one card only. If you want more than one card for a single design +5€.
  • Prices does include worldwide tracked shipping.
  • Price includes 1 simple matching envelope.
  • International payments are made via Paypal. Los pagos nacionales serán vía transferencia bancaria.

Animal cards

Puppies, kitties, bears, you name it! The perfect card for animal lovers and makes for a great gift for your partner, your bff, your parents or your housemates.

Can cards

A cheeky card for any food enthusiast! Double sided card filled with details  and a explosion of food once you open it. It can include any message or no message at all.  Aprox 13 cm tall.

Pokéball couple card

A great gift for pokémon enthusiasts. Show your partner or bff how much you appreciate them with this card that showcases both of you and your favorite pocket monsters. Aprox 13 cm tall.

Intermediate complexity

These cards include more mechanisms and illustrations. Still includes simple cover and back. 

Paralell folds card


Other options


Complex cards

These cards include complex illustrations and multiple mechanisms, as well as more detailed cover and back. 


One character + detailed background


Other options


As I stated before, these are orientative prices and examples. If you have an idea in your mind that you can’t see examples of in the previous images you can still message me and it’s more that probable that it can be made. Just message me and let’s design! 

Terms and Conditions
1. The Artist (Julia Yus) is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and rights to their
artwork and media that they produce. You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly display or perform, resell, retrace, or prepare derivative works based on any of the content including any such works without the express, written consent of the Artist in such works. You agree not to alter or modify any part of the artwork unless expressly permitted to do so. The Artist at all times retains all right, title and interest in and to the Artist Materials provided by the Artist.
2. There are absolutely no refunds or changes to a commission request after a sketch preview has been made and/or progress on the artwork has started and/or finished. Changes and refunds before the commission is started must be discussed personally, and are permitted but limited up to three.
3. Only the commissioner is allowed to re-post the signed/watermarked/tagged artwork that they bought, distribution of art is not allowed otherwise, unless expressly permitted to do so by the Artist. The Artist is permitted to upload the finished commission on any of the Artist’s platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok or Behance.

3. The Artist is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards in transit nor responsible for any charged customs upon receiving your parcel.
4.  By commissioning me you acknowledge these terms and accept them.
5. These terms can be amended at any given point with notice.