Hi, I’m Julia!
I’m a paper engineer based in Madrid, Spain who loves creating colorful graphics and illustrations. I also love everything space, sci-fi and candy! I design graphically and illustrate happily. Don’t hesitate to contact me, even if it’s to simply say hi!




Typography, Infographics, graphic design… I love almost every single type. Except industrial design, I’m not particularly in love with him (don’t tell him though).

Paper engineering

I fell in love with paper engineering in my last semester of Uni. I wouldn’t be until after a few years later that I would pursuit this passion.


I’m very comfortable creating stories through design and that’s what I think brading is: Finding the client’s brand voice and express it.


Whether you need a hyper realistic portrait or a stylized scene, I’m your gal.

Motion graphics

It might not be my forté, but I know my way around After effects. 

Design Thinking

Every project can benefit from the basics of design thinking, starting from the most important –in my opinion– empathy.

Specialized in mixing it all together

But in the right way. I'm all about mixing and combining mediums to create surprising projects that bring smiles to every type of person.

Caricature of julia yus wearing a space suit
Paper Engineering

My experience

Freelance designer and illustrator

August 2016 / Present

I’ve been working as a freelance designer and illustrator for almost four years, developing my own projects and working for clients all around the world. 

Art Department + Marketing

Juguetrónica – April 2019 / August 2019

Creating all kinds of graphics: concept art for product development, toy branding, packaging design, infographics, banners and brochures. 


Sr.Potato – Summer 2018

Developing new campaigns for several brands and creating graphics for social media.

My education

MA’s Graphic Design


Mr Marcel School – January 2017 / June 2017
Graphic Design applied to Design thinking, UX/UI and Infographics.

Graphic Design Degree


Universidad Complutense de Madrid- Sep 2012 / June 2016

Design Degree with specialization in Graphic Design. 

High school Diploma – Major in Arts – Graduated with Honors


Escuela de Arte La Palma – Sep 2010 / June 2012

High School Diploma with focus on illustration, new media and design. 

I'm a designer creating