Resources and inspiration

I often receive messages asking me about how I learned paper engineering and what resources I recommend to enter this craft. That’s why I’ve decided to make a compilation of websites, books and videos where you can learn about this amazing technique.

Online course

After several months of work, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my Domestika course! In this online course, you will learn the secrets of pop-up techniques to enhance your future design and illustration projects, bringing them to a new dimension. You will create three three-dimensional cards with different mechanisms that are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Creating pop-up cards might seem a bit daunting initially, but I’ll guide you through the process of achieving stunning results using simple mechanisms. I’ve structured the course into four easily digestible units, allowing you to grasp everything step by step!

Youtube channels

The most easy and accessible way to learn about paper engineering is through video. You can get a sense of scale and dimensionality that other mediums can’t provide. These are my two favorite channels that I constantly go back to when I need some inspo or when I simply want to cement my knowledge. 

Pop up Channel

Duncan Birmingham is a proficient paper engineering teacher that shares his knowledge on youtube via a series of useful tutorials. 

Matthew Reinhart

If you’ve ever seen a pop up book in a library it was probably designed by Matthew Reinhart. He has revolutionized paper engineer and always comes up with the craziest mechanics.


Books are another great way to learn about paper engineering and pop-up making.  These are my favorite books that I constantly reach for.

The Elements of Pop-up

“Every aspect of the creation of a pop-up, known as paper engineering, is clearly and thoroughly covered. All types of parallel folds, angle folds, wheels, and pull tabs are accurately detailed verbally and visually, flat and in dimension. Also included is a history of pop-ups and a step-by-step photographic essay on how a pop-up is made from start to finish. “

Pop up design and paper mechanics

“This comprehensive guide to pop-up design and paper mechanics is a delightful introduction to the fun, surprising and intriguing aspects of a fascinating craft. Duncan Birmingham’s totally new and accessible approach to pop-up theory and practice distils the numerous mechanisms into a logical set of 18 underlying shapes and the techniques for building these shapes is methodically explained with step-by-step pictures and text.”


Creating pop-ups is so much more fun when you have the right tools! Over on TikTok I have a mini series showing my fave tools and gadgets I use on the daily to create my cards and books. It’s all in Spanish but you can find the products names in the captions. 


These are some paper engineers that personally inspire me the most. Delightful mechanisms that perfectly match what they want to illustrate. Follow them and be amazed! 

Pinterest is also a good way to get inspired. Follow my Pop up cards board and Paper art boards to see exciting papercraft finds. 

Tell me about your pop-up project