Let's make your project a reality

I can help you create the most stunning pop up project and make your ideas come to life. Wether it’s a book, a greeting card or your wedding invitations, let’s work together! Add an unexpected dimension to your idea and leave everyone in awe. My multidisciplinary experience –I have worked in graphic design, illustration, packaging, marketing, toy design and pop up books– has prepared me to be flexible not only when working in different types of teams, but also to develop projects from different perspectives and styles.

Private commissions

Working with small businesses and creators is one of my passions. check my commission list prices and examples here 

This stunning pop up card was commissioned to recreate Arezzo’s Piazza di Sant’Agostino and greet the New Year.

Custom bookmark designed to illustrate a new beginning, an enlightened open mind after a learning process. This bookmark is a gift for my client’s students in hopes that they keep that mind window open and never stop learning

Illustrator collaborations

I have experience working alongside illustrators to bring their creations into 3d playful objects that inspire wonder. As a paper engineer with an eye for design myself, I know the challenges that come with adapting illustration and paper mechanics while maintaining a strong concept.

These two sweet cards were created in conjuction with spanish illustrators Kura and Coco respectively

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